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               Happy New Year!

               During the Christmas season, my husband introduced our four girls to        the
               It’s a Wonderful Life.  After the initial complaints about it being in black
               and white, our daughters admitted it was very thought-provoking. The        publisher
               message of the movie is that every person has a purpose. As crazy and
               unpredictable as life is these days, that is a pretty timely reminder. The
               mission of Senior Link has a similar message – that everyone’s story is
               important. And, if we are paying attention, we
               can be inspired by the people we regularly rub
               shoulders with.
               The articles in this issue introduce us to some
               amazing Amarilloans.  We know you will enjoy
               the love stories of the Smiths and the Cobbs. It
               was an honor to meet Al and Pat Smith and to
               witness the remarkable love they have for each
               other after 68 years of marriage. It was also
               a rare treat to get to read Ty Cobb’s surprise
               Valentine letter to his wife even before she did.
               Other native Amarillo honorees include the
               distinguished veteran Bill Duncan, and the
               outstanding aerospace educator Jane Hodges.
               You will also want to read about the colorful
               Andrea Elise and her fun YouTube channel called
               “Seniors Wearing Socks.”

               We think you’ll learn some interesting facts in
               the historical accounts about Center City and the
               Llano Cemetery which will impress your friends at
               the coffee shop and provide you with something fun to share with your next out-of-town company.

               As we launch into 2022, Amarillo Senior Link would like to express a heartfelt thank you to each
               of you, our readers.  It is your input and suggestions that help us grow and improve.  We hope
               that you will continue to reach out to us with your ideas of whom we should honor.  Each issue
               introduces us to more Panhandle “treasures”, and we don’t want to overlook anyone.

               We appreciate each of you so much.  Have a prosperous and blessed year!

                                                                                                Erin Agee

                                       The Mission of Senior Link

                        Our mission is to tell the stories of local seniors, not only to honor them,
                      but also to inspire and challenge younger generations. We endeavor to link
                      seniors with the resources they need to ensure quality of life. We believe in
                       the strength of the chain, in linking with one another, and in linking all of
                       us to information which can enhance our lives. We recognize the value of
                                  every season of life and the uniqueness of every story.
                                  Senior Link’s mission rests in the power of connection.
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