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Going into freshman year of high school, I was given
            the option of taking Spanish or ASL as a foreign
            language credit. Since I had taken Spanish classes
            before, I chose to study American Sign Language.
            At the beginning of ASL 1, my interest and ability
            exceeded my original expectations, so I joined the
            American Sign Language Honor Society. Ever
            since I have been involved in ASL and ASLHS, my
            communication skills have increased exponentially,
            and I am accepted more and more by the Amarillo
            deaf community. There are many ways the deaf
            community can recognize an individual as an
            “extended” member, but the most common way is
            by giving them a sign name. A sign name is a unique   The Staff and Parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral
            sign representing your name given to you by a deaf
            or hard-of-hearing person. The deaf community of                    wish to thank
            my church recognized my hard work and dedication
            and collectively decided on a sign name for me - the
            letter “N” placed on the side of my chin.                         the Bartels

            The Bartels and ASL have done so much for me in
            my day-to-day life. They have opened me up to new       for their many years of faithful service
            communities I would otherwise not be involved in
            and expanded my mind by helping me communicate
            my thoughts. I am grateful that ASL is a part of my
            life; in fact, I recognize it as a calling.

            I plan to continue learning and practicing ASL and
            hopefully become a certified interpreter. The Bartels   stumbling to find my passion. The Bartels have given
            have taught me the importance of being involved and   me a way to give back to the community and taught me
            dedicated in whatever I do.                        to express myself on a much deeper level. It all started
            Having friends guide you on the path of your life is a   with a push in the right direction, a call to action, and a
            tremendous blessing. My experience with the Bartels   helping hand from two selfless people. Mark and Zilvia
            has led to real fulfillment. My path is clearer and   Bartels, I thank you.
            promises great reward. Had I not said yes to the call
            to interpret, I might still be walking in the dark and

            Article Submitted by
            Natalie Davis                                              CANYON HIGH SCHOOL

               Natalie  Davis  attends  Canyon  High  School  where  she  is  involved  in  American  Sign
               Language Honor Society, Varsity Track and Field, One Act Play, Drama Club, and UIL
               Theater  Design:  Hair/Makeup.  In  the  Fall,  Natalie  plans  to  attend  West  Texas  A&M,
               majoring in Communication Disorders to pursue her interpreter license.

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