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                                                                   Aggie Gross


                                                                   She Persisted

                                                                   by Allison Gross

                                                                was diagnosed     trust the doctors and take it one day
                                                                with breast       at a time. You have to stay strong and
                                                                cancer. She       know that Jesus is by your side.”
                                                                had made an
                                                                appointment       Grandma Aggie went over four
                                                                for a checkup     years cancer free until the disease
                                                                because two       reappeared in July of 2018. But
                                                                of her sisters    this time it was in her lung. At an
                                                                had passed        annual CAT Scan, a highly trained
                                                                away from the     professional she had been seeing for
              ighter, survivor, selfless, and                   vicious disease.   years noticed an abnormal nodule.
              devoted are all words to describe   The cancer diagnosis and beginning   She quickly had a lung biopsy that
         Fmy Grandma Aggie- a woman           rounds of chemotherapy were         revealed the aggregation of cells was,
         I have been inspired by since I was   undoubtedly hard for her but gave   indeed, cancer. No chemotherapy
         a little girl. As an 18-year-old, she   her the opportunity to remember that   was necessary this time, but she did
         was going to school, working, and    all things happen in perfect harmony   undergo a surgery to remove the
         spending time with her high school   with the Lord’s plan. The disease   nodule and the bottom portion of
         sweetheart. She recalls growing up   and its treatment were painful and   her lung. The recovery time seemed
         very poor, raising her own chickens   incredibly difficult at times, but she   like forever, but nevertheless, she
         and growing her own garden.  It      remained optimistic. Each week,     persisted. Though the process of
         amazes me to compare the standard    when she went in for another round   removing the lung cancer was
         of living she grew up in to the lifestyle   of chemo, I knew I could expect a   less extensive than the process of
         she worked hard to achieve. The story   photo of her with a warm blanket and   removing breast cancer, it was just as
         of the inspiration I have received from   a smile from ear to ear, reminding   emotionally, mentally, and physically
         such a strong woman began the day    me that my grandma was a fighter.   exhausting.
         she went to the doctor for a regular   She underwent a surgery that would   After losing her beloved husband to
         health checkup.                      reduce the risk of re-appearing cancer   an aneurism and becoming widowed,
                                              cells and had a long road of recovery
         “You have cancer” are three words    ahead of her, but nevertheless, she   and losing immediate family members
         nobody wants to hear, and definitely   persisted. She explained it like this,   to multiple health complications,
         not words anyone wants to hear twice.   “When you are diagnosed with     and then being faced with a life-
         In October of 2014, Grandma Aggie    something like that, you just have to   threatening disease herself, I often

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