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the girls and taught her grandchildren to swim. The
         grandkids would watch Golden Girls at night in their
         grandmother’s bed so that Dad could watch WWII                              Making
         documentaries, English comedies and wrestling in
                                       the other room.            Steve
                                       Then he would              Bowen
                                       read them the same
                                       bedtime stories
                                       he’d read to his
                                       daughters when we           Amarillo
                                       were young. When
                                       Daddy and Arlene
                                       took the grandkids                                                      Kay
                                       to the Amarillo                                                        Kuhn
                                       Club, he would
                                       always stop outside
                                       the building to
                                       have a conversation
                                       with the Abraham
                                       Lincoln statue.
                                                                  Steve                        Jim
         Joe and Arlene have been generous with the               Seabourn                   Bryan
         resources they have, especially locally in the realms
         of art and education. Our family has believed for
         generations that Amarillo is a wonderful place to
         live and raise families. We share with our fellow           HAPPY
         Amarilloans a desire to do our best to continue to
         make this community the best it can be.

           A few of the beneficiaries of Joe and
           Arlene Pool’s generosity are:

           Amarillo Botanical Gardens
           Amarillo College
                                                                            David Greg
           Amarillo Little Theatre                                           Jones Graham
           Amarillo Museum of Art
           Amarillo Opera                                                      3rd
           Boy Scouts of America, Golden Spread Chapter                        Best Bank
           First Christian Church                                              in Texas
                                                                    and the 26th Best Bank in the USA!
           Globe News Center for the Performing Arts                                                Gary
           Lone Star Ballet                                                                         Wells
           Panhandle Plains Historical Museum
           St. Hyacinth Church
           Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation, (the
           play Texas)
            WTAMU Old Main Society (support for faculty
           and students)                                               Member FDIC

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