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               Summer is in full swing - the kids are out of school, and we are looking for
               fun things to do to keep them busy and maybe even wear them out a little.
               Summer camps, swimming, a vacation - all are in the works.  An evening to   the
               see TEXAS the musical is definitely on the list.

               We hope that you enjoyed the first edition of the Amarillo Senior Link
               magazine. We also hope that, as you read this edition, you are contemplating
               stories you could share.  We would love to hear from you - maybe with some
               story ideas for the next two issues: Fall -
               Veterans and Winter - Love Stories.

               In this issue, you will read about more
               people who have helped make Amarillo
               what it is.  You’ll find stories of those
               who have generously invested in the
               community - through resources, talents
               or service.  You will hear about artists,
               veterans, church leaders, missionaries
               and volunteers, just to name a few.  In
               May, I had the opportunity to attend
               the Older Americans Month celebration
               and met three who were being honored.
               You will find their stories in this edition,
               along with some pictures of the event.

               One thing that I try to teach my family
               is that each one of us plays a role in making our community what it is.  We all have a story, we all have a
               purpose, we all have a gift that - when recognized and utilized – benefits our community and our world.
               The theme of the Older Americans Month celebration was to Connect, Create and Contribute.  We are
               building on that in this issue as we foster connections and share stories of people who are still creating
               and contributing in their golden years. We hope you will share your stories and your gifts with us, so that
               we can celebrate and honor you!

               Some of you might have a little extra time with grandkids over these summer months. Treasure that time.
               Consider sharing some volunteering opportunities with them and continue to add to their knowledge of
               the world.  I also encourage you to sit and share bits and pieces of your own story, your history and theirs.
               It’s what makes you who you are, and if we don’t share these stories with younger generations, they will
               be lost.  They need to know their personal history, and no one is better equipped to tell them than their

               One last thing I would like to mention is this:  Amarillo Senior Link magazine is a free publication. It is
               made possible only by the advertisers that you see on the following pages.  If you like what you see,
               please make a point to reach out to them and thank them for partnering with us to make this resource
               available to you.  We couldn’t do it without them.

                                                                                                Erin Agee

                     {    Thank you to those who have written in this edition, for sharing your knowledge   {

                           and stories and helping to Link us.  And thank you to the advertisers who make
                              this magazine a reality.  Without all of you this would not be possible.
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