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                Welcome to the first edition of Amarillo Senior Link!  Amarillo and the Panhandle
                are  gold  mines  of  inspiration,  when  you  consider  the  cumulative  wisdom  and
                experience  of  our  senior  population.  The  vision  of  Senior  Link  is  to  get  those   the
                stories told, so everyone can benefit.

                We  look  forward  to  sharing  this  free,  quarterly  magazine  with  you,  but  also
                partnering with you to make it happen. Senior Link is unique because YOU are
                the story tellers, and we are a platform to give you an audience.  Think about your
                parents,  your  neighbors,  your  friends;  think  about  veterans  and  teachers,  love
                stories and stories that help put Amarillo
                on  the  map.    Let’s  get  those  written  so
                that up-and-coming generations will have
                a record of the foundation that made this
                community what it is today.

                For the Spring edition, several high school
                seniors are demonstrating the reason for
                the “Link” in our name.  We asked them
                to write about a local senior citizen who
                has made an impact in their lives, and the
                pages  that  follow  are  their  stories.    To
                those senior citizens - thank you for being
                a  role  model  to  these  kids.    To  the  high
                school seniors - thank you for being willing
                to sit at the feet of these seniors and learn
                from  them.    We  believe  that  the  stories
                within us, when put on paper or on video
                can  leave  a  lasting  legacy  for  our  entire

                The advertisers that you see on the following pages have helped tremendously to make this magazine come
                together.  The ads make it possible to keep this publication free.  Especially since this is the first edition, please
                reach out to them and thank them.  They need to know the community is benefitting from the resources and
                stories we share.

                In addition, let me hear from you - call me, email me, send me a letter.  I want to help you to get your stories
                told, and I also want to know what you like and don’t like and what additional things you’d like to see.  This
                magazine honors seniors, provides resources for them, and “links” generations.  We can’t wait to partner with
                you to get Amarillo’s best stories in print.

                Every Spring issue will be entitled “Senior to Senior”, and you will be impressed with the tributes written by
                the area’s high school seniors.  Every Fall issue will feature stories of veterans, in order to honor them for their
                individual contributions to our freedom.  The Summer and Winter editions have more variety, but every quarter
                promises to inspire, challenge, educate and entertain.

                We hope you enjoy and are blessed by the pages that follow.  You, too, have a story to share, and we look
                forward to meeting you and helping to make that happen.
                                                                                                Erin Agee

                     {    Thank you to those who have written in this edition, for sharing your knowledge   {

                           and stories and helping to Link us.  And thank you to the advertisers who make
                              this magazine a reality.  Without all of you this would not be possible.
                                                                                             Amarillo Senior Link  3
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