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Welcome to Amarillo Senior Link! Amarillo and the Panhandle are gold mines of inspiration when you consider the cumulative wisdom and experience of our senior population. The vision of Senior Link is to get those stories told, so everyone can benefit.
We look forward to sharing this free, quarterly magazine with you, but also partnering with you to make it happen. Senior Link is unique because YOU are the story tellers, and we are a platform to give you an audience. Think about your parents, your neighbors, your friends; think about veterans and teachers, love stories and stories that help put Amarillo on the map. Every story we publish will give future generations a record of the people who have made this community what it is today. In every Spring edition, high school seniors demonstrate the reason for the “Link” in our name. We want to connect generations with the exchange of stories. We ask them each to write about a local senior citizen who has made an impact in their lives. Every Fall issue is dedicated to the veterans in our community – the elite group of men and women who sacrificed a portion of their lives to defend our country.

In the Summer and Winter editions, we have the opportunity to tell the stories of many others who inspire and challenge us with their lives. We want to honor anyone who has contributed to our community by their example, by generosity of time or resources, by sharing their gifts and talents. Every quarter promises to inspire, challenge, educate and entertain.
The advertisers help tremendously by making it possible to keep this publication free. Please support them. They need to know the community is benefitting from the resources and stories we share. We want to hear from you. Call, email, write a letter. We want to help you to get your stories told, and we also want to know what you like or don’t like and what additional things you’d like to see. This magazine honors seniors, provides resources for them, and “links” generations. We can’t wait to partner with you to get Amarillo’s best stories in print. We hope you are blessed by what is written. You, too, have a story to share, and we look forward to meeting you and helping to make that happen. Erin Agee Owner and Publisher of Senior Link Magazine

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